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I have bought the skin cleanser and after using it wrong once, I found out what I should do to get my skin clean. The first thing I do is to take a shower (the steam helps a lot!). In the shower, I already clean my skin using appropriated skin gel . After the shower, I apply a Garnier Mask for 15 min and then I make my skin softly dry and use my Skin cleanser.  After I finish using the suction device, I wash my face again and apply another Garnier mask (Garnier Skin Mask Tissu Black Charcoal Carbon Reductor) . In my opinion, the device is very good. After I use it, my skin is soft and cleaner.


I just got this today, and I brusied on the sides of my nose by mistake, but I steamed my face before using the product and it is amazing how I spent 50 bucks on SilkySkinz for it and the suction power is quite strong. It worked amazing though and I defently will use again but because I have oily skin I’m assuming I use it weekly? Or every 2 weeks?


I received mine yesterday! I was surprised as how powerful the suction actually was, even on the lowest setting. I tried it on my nose initially as this is the most problematic area and got a little bruising. I think it’s super important to only go over the area once. I’m looking forward to trying the different nozzles, particularly the microdermabrasion one! It definitely works, just need to find the right method to avoid bruising or be prepared to add extra concealer to our make-up routines the next day  Thanks so much SilkySkinz!